Wallace Luker

LPG Brand Ambassador

My name is Wallace Luker. I’ve been the LPG Brand Ambassador for 2 years. My typical day consists of greeting LPG employees & clients with excitement, a wagging tail and high fives! Occasionally, I play guard dog and protect the office from stray cats. Three words that describe me are handsome, dense & beautiful – would you agree?! I am happiest when I am eating, and I wish I had the ability to make my own dinner! I love brunch dates, strolling around Lake Eola and my favorite restaurant is Woof Gang Pucks.

Fun facts about me:

  • My doggie philosophy is, “Eat until you cannot eat anymore!”
  • The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is cat poo
  • The best vacations I’ve been on is to grandma’s house & New Smyrna Beach because I love being on the boat
  • My life ambition is to jump into the deep end of the pool

Want to see more pictures of me? Check out the LPG Facebook. I’m being featured on there all the time!