Learn your homes value

We know that selling your home is a big step. Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we’ll see how your home compares to others on the market and assess it’s worth by taking into consideration the size, location, features and market demand. All of this information will help us determine a competitive listing price that will attract interest to your property.

List the home

We want you to be confident about our plans on selling your home. A listing agreement covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment to advertise your house and handle the sale. We’ll also discuss our strategy and what to expect as we progress through the steps.

Make it stand out

A unique home needs a personalized marketing plan to make it different then everything else on the market. We’ll utilize our skilled vendors to make the exterior shine, take professional photos and videos and more to help your home come to life. First impressions matter and we want to make buyers interested in learning more about your property.

Negotiate the best price

At this step in the process we’ll use every negotiation tool possible to help you get the best deal and compromise on a price both you and the buyer can agree on. We want you to be happy with the accepted price and knowledgeable of all the terms that come along.

Seal the deal

The day has finally arrived! We’ll be right by your side during these final steps plus engaging with the buyer’s agent to ensure all financial requirements are met and approved. Then all you have to do is sign the dotted line and you have sold your home!