Jennifer Cox

Contracts & Leasing

My name is Jennifer Cox. I manage Contracts & Leasing and have been working at LPG for 3.5 years. I am organized, compassionate, motherly and ‘good’ crazy! I’m a FSU fangirl and I enjoy spending time with my son and daughter, cooking and traveling. I am proud to say that my superpower is unending patience. If I were stuck on an island, I’d need wine, sunscreen & a towel.

Fun facts about me:

  • An extended tour through Italy, Greece and Rome tops my bucket list
  • I’m a theme park junkie and Florida annual pass holder
  • I obsess over reality TV shows: The Bachelor(ette), Survivor, Dancing with the Stars
  • I have eclectic music taste ranging from Poison to NKOTB to Adele to Bob Marley
  • I wish I could interview John F. Kennedy
Questions? Email me at:

1508 E. Concord St.
Orlando, FL 32803

P: (321) 244-2542

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